The history of LEPIVITS

  Lepivits Belgium is first and foremost a family adventure that started under the brand name "Healthcraft" over 30 years ago. Based in Belgium since the beginning of our history, nutrition has become a revelation in health care.  


Our young and dynamic team consists of a chemist, a pharmacist and a biologist/nutritherapist. We keep up to date with the latest scientific studies, working with a multidisciplinary medical team: doctors, nutrition specialists, various therapists such as naturopaths and homeopaths.

Nutritional health is an essential part of the integrative approach to health care. By bringing together our scientific knowledge in the field of phytotherapy and nutritherapy, our laboratory has specialised in the design of natural nutraceutical products. 


A human and family business

Expertise in nutrition and micronutrition

An ethic: short circuit and local

Natural products: pullulan capsules, vegan, and 100% natural excipients

Respect for the environment: recyclable bottles and ethical and sustainable manufacturing

Value for money: to make health affordable for everyone


Our parapharmaceutical laboratory manufactures nutritional supplements that meet the needs of everyone: seniors, adults, adolescents and children. In order to elaborate clean food supplements, we use bioavailable micronutrients free of any harmful substance (synthetic preservatives, irradiation, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, etc.), highly assimilable by the body, for a real effect on health. LEPIVITS food supplements meet the quality standards and requirements in force: GMP & HACCP standards (ISO 13485, 22000); authorised for marketing on the international market and certified by the Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC).


Combating malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies

Combating pollution-related diseases

Preventing disease through nutrition

Preventing problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle

Acting against stress-related disorders and diseases, such as sleep quality disorders, nutritional and immune deficiencies

Finding alternatives to overuse of medicines


To ensure that our values and ethics are respected, we limit the number of intermediaries in the production chain of our products.

We control our local raw materials and carry out the specifications of our formulations. Manufacturing is based in our laboratory and supervised by our scientific team so that no chemical solvents are used.

Our production line is equipped with a capsule filler that is compatible with the design of pullulan capsule-based food supplements. In this way we avoid the use of HPMC vegetable capsules.

Plantcaps® pullulan capsules contain no chemical additives, are non-allergenic, and offer a better barrier to oxygen. The active ingredients in the capsules are therefore better protected, so that they can be better absorbed by the body.

Once our capsules are produced, they are packaged in environmentally friendly containers.

Our production line is subject to national and European regulations (Royal Decree of 3 March 1992 & Framework Directive 2002/46/EC, etc.).


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