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Do you feel under the weather during winter ? Do you feel as tired when you wake up as when you’re going to sleep ? Is your digestive system torturing ?  The daily hassles are keeping you from focusing on your priorities. This fluctuating energy is caused by the conditions that your immune system and your body. The solution ? A new nutritional lifestyle combined with a suitable health cure.

Why take a health cure ?

It is not uncommon for deficiencies to set in, especially due to the change of seasons, and your metabolism needs fuel to function properly. Fortunately, you have the power to give it a hand, working on your daily and complementary nutrients. Our health cure for immunity, for example, encourages your compliance accordingly to your needs, especially during this covid-19 infested period.

Evidently, you’re not forced to start a cure or to take nutritional supplements, because almost everything you need is available in the natural ingredients of your diet: fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, medicinal plants...

However, sometimes we need help, a faster or more effective effect. Some are vegetarians, others are lactose intolerant. Nutritional supplements, as part of a health cure, stimulate your vitality without affecting your food preferences.

Immunity Pack LEPIVITS Immunity Pack LEPIVITS 2
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Immunity pack


Strengthen your immunity naturally! This pack contains 4 Lepivits food supplements containing a set of active ingredients (vitamins, minerals, omega-3, enzymes) necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system in the face of bacterial or viral attacks.  Minimum 1 month cure. Letter from Dr Anne Van Hecke :Comment affronter le COVID-19...
Immunity Pack LEPIVITS Immunity Pack LEPIVITS 2
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Booster basic pack


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health cures


L’arginine est  précurseur de monoxyde d'azote et joue un rôle important dans l'élasticité artérielle. Pourvoit l'organisme en : arginine
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