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What is B Corp?

B Corp™ certification is an international label supported by the NGO B Lab, which assesses a company's positive impact on society and the environment. It is not only one of the most rigorous labels, but also a movement bringing together companies sharing the same ambition: to promote sustainable business models that combine ecology, well-being and performance.

What is a B Corp company?

A B Corp™ company assesses its performance in terms of its positive impact on society and the environment. These companies distinguish themselves by measurably demonstrating their commitment to the community and nature. Every three years, they are reassessed, encouraging them to constantly improve their performance.

What does B Corp certification mean for Lepivits?

For Lepivits SA, obtaining B CorpTM certification symbolizes formal recognition of our dedication to promoting well-being through micronutrition and nutraceuticals, while adhering to principles of social and environmental responsibility. This distinction reinforces our mission to provide natural, clean-label quality food supplements, designed with respect for the environment and human health. 

Our entrepreneurial values are aligned with the resilience of a more sustainable and equitable economy.  

As a member of the B Corp™ community, we believe that every action counts in our quest to be a fully responsible brand, and we pledge to act with determination to maximize our beneficial impact on the health of consumers and the planet.

Lepivits SA
Impact score B Corp

To be B Corp™ certified, a company must meet strict standards of social and environmental responsibility and transparency. This means they are assessed on their positive impact on the community, their employees, the environment and their ethical business practices.

Companies must answer hundreds of questions in five areas: governance, employees, communities, the environment and customers.


We attach great importance to the well-being of our employees, ensuring their safety and fostering a harmonious working environment. We nurture relationships of trust with our team through frequent and open exchanges with our managers.



Lepivits SA is dedicated to evaluating key performance indicators linked to the company's social and environmental impact. We share these results with our stakeholders, using specific indicators to measure the achievement of our social and environmental objectives. We place particular emphasis on long-term impact assessment.


We cultivate close partnerships with suppliers who share our values, particularly those who hold B Corp certification. This approach enables us to foster local business relationships that benefit our community, while at the same time being consistent with our commitment to a responsible economy. In addition, we collaborate with hundreds of trusted healthcare practitioners who recommend our products in the best possible way to consumers, reinforcing our positive impact in the healthcare field.



We value transparency and seek to improve the health and well-being of our customers. We encourage their feedback, both positive and negative, so that we can constantly improve our products and services.


Every year, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by improving our packaging practices, favoring sustainable materials such as PLA, and exploring various approaches to reducing our carbon footprint.

Neil Goffart - Founder Lepivits SA

"Obtaining the Bcorp label is a source of pride for LEPIVITS SA, reflecting our passion for responsible nutraceuticals. As pioneers in micronutrition, our commitment goes beyond clean label products: it is part of a global approach to well-being and respect for the environment. This distinction unites us, healthcare professionals and consumers alike, in a shared quest for sustainable health. Together, we're building a future where every dietary supplement we produce carries with it health and our vision of a fairer world."

Figures from the 2023 balance sheet

Figures from the 2023 balance sheet - LEPIVITS SA

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