How to strengthen your immune system?

We often hear that we need to strengthen our immune system when the cold weather arrives. What exactly does this mean? How do you go about it? Fruits, vegetables, vitamins, medicines... There are all sorts of ways to do this and it is sometimes difficult to find your way around. It would be easier to follow an immunity cure, with specific and effective food supplements. Find out today how to boost your immune system naturally.

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Vitamine D3 Forte_60 tablets-LEPIVITS Vitamine D3 Forte_60 tablets-LEPIVITS 2
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Maintain an optimal daily intake of vitamin D with odourless tablets rich in cholecalciferol (2000ui).
Arginine_100 V.GELS-LEPIVITS
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Amino acids


Sportsman, decline in endurance? This food supplement provides an optmial intake of 500mg of bioavailable L-arginine.
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I'm filling up on vitamin C! One raspberry-flavoured chewable tablet contains acerola powder, ascorbic acid combined with natural bioflavonoids providing 500 mg of vitamin C.
Immunippin Immunippin 2
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Specific complex


€25.40 €24.13
Reduced immunity? Immunippin is a dietary supplement containing beta-glucan-rich shiitake extract, propolis, N-acetylcysteine and vitamin C.
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Are you deficient in vitamin D? Vit D3 Max contains a maximum supply of vitamin D combined with flaxseed oil fatty acids that promote its absorption.
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Essential fatty acids


€11.30 €10.74
Reduced immunity, vision problems, vitamin A deficiency? LEPIVITS cod liver oil containing omega-3 and vitamin D is enriched with vitamin A.
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Reduced immunity, loss of hair and/or muscle mass? Zinc Forte is a food supplement based on zinc citrate, combined with cysteine and vitamin B6 to restore an optimal level of zinc.
Maxivits_30 CAPS-LEPIVITS Maxivits_30 CAPS-LEPIVITS 2
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Vitamins & Minerals


Poor health, getting back into shape? Maxivits is a generalist food supplement balanced with essential vitamins and minerals combined with numerous natural carotenoids and flavonoids.
Immunity Pack LEPIVITS Immunity Pack LEPIVITS 2
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health cures


Strengthen your immunity naturally! This pack contains 4 Lepivits food supplements containing a set of active ingredients (vitamins, minerals, omega-3, enzymes) necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system in the face of bacterial or viral attacks.  Minimum 1 month cure. Letter from Dr Anne Van Hecke :Comment affronter le COVID-19...
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Vitamins & Minerals


Growing child, often tired? Junior Vits is a balanced vitamin and mineral food supplement to be sucked with a natural strawberry taste.
Vitamin C 1000 liposomal Vitamin C 1000 liposomal 2
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Vitamin C yes, but is it well absorbed? Unlike standard vitamin C, VIT C 1000 liposomal is composed of sunflower lecithin phospholipids which protect ascorbic acid and promote its intestinal absorption. The natural liposomes also increase its cellular assimilation. This food supplement offers a maximum supply of bioavailable vitamin C.
D3 + K2 liposomal D3 + K2 liposomal 2
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Bioavailable vitamins D and K suitable for vegans! This apricot-flavoured liquid food supplement contains a balanced supply of plant-based vitamins D3 and K2. This liposomal solution optimises the absorption, stability and assimilation of these vitamins.
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Specific complex


Poor microbial balance? Candovits contains calcium caprylate combined with 6 bioactive plant extracts and liposome vitamin C to ensure intestinal balance and strengthen the body against external agents.
Selenium+Vitamine E_60 tablets-LEPIVITS
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Vitamins & Minerals


Selenium deficiency? This natural selenium-based formula is enriched with vitamin E and brewer's yeast.
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health cures


100% vegetable pillbox made of bamboo fibres! This pillbox made of bamboo fibres is ideal to carry your food supplements throughout the day. This LEPIVITS pillbox is : Biosourced Recyclable Take your health in hand and optimize your treatment compliance!
Glutappin_90 V.GELS-LEPIVITS Glutappin_90 V.GELS-LEPIVITS 2
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Specific complex


Glutappin is a dietary supplement based on L-glutamine, vitamin A, zinc and phytonutrients such as grape seed extract, myrtle extract and the patented turmeric extract "Curcugreen®".
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Why take an immunity cure?

Getting ready for winter

Colds, coughs, flu... you have probably already experienced these inconveniences during the autumn and winter seasons. During these periods in particular, the low temperatures and lack of sunlight weaken our immune defences and encourage the circulation of viruses. The best way to avoid getting sick is to prepare your body for the time change and the outside world. Runny nose, sore throat, high fever, all symptoms that can be avoided with an immunity cure and natural remedies.

Taking action against covid-19

The coronavirus has been around for a while and is unlikely to go away overnight. It continues to circulate and threaten us, just like the flu virus. Between stress, fatigue and covid-19 symptoms, our body needs a good boost. To prepare your immune system to fight these diseases, focus on a healthy lifestyle: sleep, diet, physical activity and immunity cure!

Discover: 5 tips to boost your immunity in times of covid

How to boost your immune system?

Take care of your sleep

A healthy immune system depends above all on a healthy lifestyle, especially good sleep. Did you know that the immune system regenerates itself while you sleep? It recharges the batteries of our cells and organs and conserves their energy for the next day. If getting a good night's sleep seems obvious to be in good shape, you should know that without it, our immune defences are weakened and let all kinds of diseases through.

Changing your diet

It is not a question of going on a diet or making drastic changes to your eating habits. However, a balanced diet is the key to good health. Choose low temperature cooking, natural foods, as little processed as possible and limit pro-inflammatory foods: industrial food, ingredients rich in fat and sugar... You will then notice that you will sleep better, feel lighter and more fit.

Taking an immunity cure

What is a cure? It is about taking food supplements to treat or prevent a health problem, which will act in the long term, not just on a one-off basis. The purpose of an immunity cure is to strengthen the immune system, in order to protect against imminent weakening, particularly for the reasons we explained earlier. Thanks to this natural supplementation with nutrients, you can fight external aggressions, viruses and bacteria with the help of vitamins, minerals and other antioxidants, which will intervene in your entire body: muscles, joints, brain, etc. The immunity cure is suitable for people of all ages.

Which food supplements for an immunity cure?

Vitamin A

What is vitamin A used for? It plays an essential role in the production of antibodies by lymphocytes and stimulates the multiplication of white blood cells. It also strengthens the intestinal mucosa, which acts as a barrier against bacteria. It is naturally found in vegetables such as carrots and squash.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an ally of our immune system when the cold weather comes. It is an enzymatic cofactor that is involved in the synthesis of our red blood cells. Also known as ascorbic acid, it has antioxidant properties, which protect our body from free radicals and oxidative stress. By also promoting the creation of dopamine, it becomes essential to our energy and immune defences, thus reducing the risk of infections. You will find it mainly in acerola, guava and red pepper.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins for the proper functioning of the immune system. Its action on the T-lymphocytes, and thus on the white blood cells, enables, among other things, the production of antibodies and the neutralisation of microbes. It is well known that it is naturally synthesised by the sun's ultraviolet rays. However, it is easily found in oily fish, particularly in cod liver oil.


You may have already heard that magnesium promotes the proliferation of white blood cells? But its most effective effect is to fight fatigue. Indeed, through the formation of ATP, it supplies our cells and organs with energy and manages muscle tension by facilitating nerve impulses. You can find natural magnesium in seafood, dark chocolate, spices and green vegetables, wholegrain foods and oilseeds.

Be careful, however: there are different types of magnesium salts and it is not always easy to find the right one. To find out how to choose the right magnesium, read our article on the subject.


More than 70% of our immune system is in our gut. How is this possible? Because the gut is literally teeming with immune cells and good bacteria, which form the intestinal flora and act as a barrier to pathogenic bacteria. And the more beneficial bacteria there are in our intestines, the better the immune system is defended. An immunity cure, for example with probiotics, helps to strengthen the intestinal mucosa and thus prevent intestinal dysbiosis, i.e. the proliferation of bad bacteria and viruses. Studies have shown that a course of lactobacilli reduces the risk of colds and flu. Probiotics are mainly found in lacto-fermented foods, such as certain yoghurts.

At Lepivits, you will find vitamins, magnesium and natural probiotics to help you keep your immune system healthy and treat occasional symptoms. Discover also our programme of food supplements to follow a complete immunity cure.

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