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LEPIVITS Belgium is a Belgian family business specialised in nutrition and phytotherapy for over 30 years.

Affordable prices

Affordable prices

Biobased packaging

Biobased packaging

The prices of our food supplements are proposed as fairly as possible, so that our remedies are accessible to everyone. Loyalty points can be accumulated with every purchase, to get a €5 discount voucher for every 500 points.

Ecology is a cause close to our hearts. Lepivits works around this value thanks to reduced and biosourced packaging, respectful of the environment. Our bottles are 100% recyclable and our packaging, like the manufacturing of our products, is sustainable. This eco-responsible vision is part of a socially responsible approach towards consumers.

Pharmaceutical quality

Pharmaceutical quality

Clean supplements

Clean supplements

An impeccable pharmaceutical quality for all our food supplements. All our supplements are thus produced in a safe manner, following strict production rules. We respect the SOBANE analysis method and the main principles recommended by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

As we want our products to be accessible to everyone, we have taken into account the needs of vegan people. We thus offer you "Clean" food supplements adapted to veganism, such as vitamin B12, thanks to optimised formulations, 100% vegetable capsules based on pullulan (fermented tapioca) and rice starch.

At Lepivits, make your life easier with natural food supplements!

LEPIVITS raises public awareness of health care through nutrition and  micronutrition. Thus, we propose on our health blog, articles, advice and information on nutritional hygiene. This information is intended for the general public, so that everyone can take charge of their own health, but also for doctors and therapists who wish to stay informed.

Our webshop allows you to buy our LEPIVITS food supplements at the best prices!

A team of experts in micronutrition

At Lepivits, we take pride in providing you with quality products that meet your needs, without any danger. To meet your requirements, our team carefully studies each component and its effects in accordance with European standards. Our team is made up of a chemist, a pharmacist and a biologist, who is also a nutritherapist, and works in constant collaboration with therapists and doctors specialising in nutritional medicine to guarantee your safety and effective results.

Natural remedies

All components used in Lepivits packs are certified by the Federal Agency for Public Health and Food Safety and do not contain preservatives, pesticides, artificial colours or flavours. Registered products have a NUT/AS/PL number. We guarantee that our food supplements are free of chemical excipients: no titanium dioxide, no nanoparticles, no silicon dioxide, no magnesium stearate. We therefore offer a wide range of non-irradiated, GMO-free plant-based products.

A wide range of food supplements for all your needs

Although food supplements are no substitute for a good night's sleep, regular exercise and a balanced diet, we offer a wide range of supplements for all your needs, in the form of amino acids, fatty acids such as omega-3, specific complexes, probiotics and lactic ferments, phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins. Depending on your health objectives, we offer nutritherapy solutions for fatigue, stress, joints, intestinal flora, memory, bones, skin and hair, sleep, tension, vitality, weight, etc. We have also developed food supplement packs offering health, detox, immunity or energy cures at the cutting edge of nutraceuticals.

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